Digital Business Academy


Digital skills are essential for the business of the future. With 95% of all jobs now having a digital component, digital skills are essential regardless of career choice.

Digital technologies is currently disrupting existing business models. Smart business leaders see disruption coming and are cannibalizing their businesses themselves before the competition does it for them.

Sign up to the Digital Business Academy courses to gain the business skills you need for a digital world, at your own pace, from your own place, online. For free.

Each course consists of short video lessons, giving you practical advice from experts and entrepreneurs who’ve been through it all, with hands-on tasks to help you practice what you’ve learnt.


What you’ll Learn:

Our Online Digital Business courses have been designed to be complementary, and together they cover off the key commercial skills you’ll need to either start, run, join a digital business.

  • Idea & Business Retooling: Is it genius, or is it a dud? This course will give you tools and frameworks to develop novel and agile digital business ideas that are focused on real customers with real needs.
  • Optimizing your Digital Business Model: What does it take to create the strongest possible online presence. Are your customers leaving you behind digitally? Are they seeking out other companies that provide great digital customer experiences?
  • Develop and Manage a Digital Product: Want to transform your product ideas into reality? This course introduces you to tools and methods product designers use in digital product development to design, test, and ultimately create apps and digital products. You’ll learn how to brainstorm product ideas, draw wireframes, interview customers, and even code your first site!
  • Moving Your Product to the Digital Space: Market and Business Planning: Want to get ahead of your competition, understand your customers better and maximize the return on your investment? This course will help you develop a marketing strategy for your digital business to achieve all of those things, gaining an edge in the market.
  • Building Brand Identity in Competitive Markets: What to build a leadership brand? You need to develop a strong brand with a unique identity that resonates with your customers, and this business branding course shows you how to do it.
  • Understand Digital Marketing Channels: So you have built your brand and want everyone to know about it? This free digital marketing course helps you understand why reaching customers online matters and shows you how to get the best out of the different digital channels, revealing the tools that make it easy, and showing how you can measure success.
  • Run a digital Marketing Campaign: Want to intensify the power of your digital marketing? This digital marketing analytics course shows you how to weave the different strands of your digital marketing together into a coherent, money-making campaign.
  • Master Finance for your Business: Feeling unsure about how to tackle finance for your business? The language of finance can be complex and opaque, so it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs struggle to understand it. This course takes the mystery out of some key financial concepts you’ll need to launch, run and grow a successful venture.
  • Cloud Technology for High Growth Business: Learn how to leverage on the cloud technologies to gain business momentum.
  • Workplace Ethics for Women

Who is it For:

The Digital Business Academy is for women at all levels:

  • Female Graduates & Undergraduates
  • Working & Home Mums

 Benefits to Participants:

  • Learn the skills you need to start, run or join a digital business. Coaching and mentoring from the Experts.
  • The academy is tuition-free. There are premium options to subscribe for.
  • For each course you complete, you’ll earn a digital badge and a certificate. And because the skills you’ll gain are respected by the digital industry, our esteemed industry partners are offering you exclusive rewards and opportunities for finishing our courses.

Full List Of Courses:

* COURSE 1: Content  Marketing

* COURSE 2: Website Mangement

* COURSE 3: MOBILE Marketing

*COURSE 4: Social Media Management

* COURSE 5: Digital PR & Advertising Channels

* COURSE 6: Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy

* COURSE 7: Consumer Persona & User Journey Design

* COURSE 8:  User Research Methods: From Strategy to Requirements to Design

*  COURSE 9: Digital Branding & Reputation Management

* COURSE 10: Big Data & Consumer Insights

* COURSE 11: Digital Media Branding & Management

* COURSE 12: Paid Media & Buying Strategies

* COURSE 13: Google Adwords

* COURSE 14: Google Analytics &  Digital Metrics Metrics

*  COURSE 15: Full SEO Course

* COURSE 16: Ecommerce & Retail Digital marketing

* COURSE 17: Consumer Experience Management Course

* COURSE 18: Google Adsense & Professional Blogging Course

* COURSE 19: Affiliate Marketing

* COURSE 19: Search Marketing

* COURSE 20: Google Apps/G Suite For Business

* COURSE 21: Email Marketing

* COURSE 22: Microsoft 365 Apps For Business

* COURSE 23: BiG Data & BI (Basic)

* COURSE 24: BIG Data & BI (Advanced)

* COURSE 25:Microsoft BI

* COURSE 26:Cyber Security