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What if women can access education, start a career or business using an internet enabled mobile device breaking through the barriers, stereotypes and financial limits?

Computer technology is pervasive in our daily lives, and it has become integral to all aspects of society work and culture. It is amazing to know that women played an important role in the early development of computers? 

 In fact, the first computer programmer was a woman and her name was Ada Lovelace. She worked on Charles Babbage’s analytical engine in the 1800’s.  Also Rear Admiral Grace Hopper invented the compiler in the 1950’s which essentially is a translator to enable humans to talk to computers.  

 These were ground breaking moments in our technology history. 


But Why Do We Have A Very Low Active Women In Tech Today?

In Africa, only about half of the female population make up the number of men connected to the internet.  

 Women account for fewer than 20% of ICT specialists in developing economies and has been estimated that, from 2015, 90% of formal employment across all sectors will require ICT skills. 

 This is a big concern. 

 What is Causing this? 

 Women experience difficulties in accessing technology because of cultural  restrictions and their lower status in society. 

 Because women face barriers such as poverty, illiteracy, and discrimination when getting training and education, we are witnessing the rise of a second digital divide. 

 It is clear that if this group is ignored, problems such as economic dependency, violence against women, and low self-esteem will continue to be perpetuated. 

Our approach to solving the Gender Gap in ICT

  1. Early exposure to STEEM fields from middle school: Investing in a girl’s education is one of the most important things you can do to help her achieve a better life. Most importantly our focus is to enable more girls study STEM subjects at senior classes. They can pursue careers in creative & better paying fields like engineering, research, aeronautics, robotics etc.
  2. Help women build competent skills needed in today’s tech shaped workplace: Enabling women to enter ICT jobs or adapt ICT skills to whatever their profession will create more economic opportunities. We believe closing the #GenderGap in ICT education will create better economic opportunities in Nigeria, Africa #GirlsinICT #SupportOurGirls. 
  3. Achieve gender equity by empowering women with digital skills. mobile and digital technologies. This offers women the potential to bypass some of the traditional cultural and mobility barriers, particularly in emerging and developing countries. Digital technologies could help women access new markets, work flexibly and distantly, acquire and interact with customers, receive training and provide mentoring, improve financial autonomy and access finance for their ventures.


Who We Are

Tech4Her is a social enterprise working to improve the livelihood and prosperity of women in the society.

Tech4Her  is driven to create & expand more economic opportunities for girls and women by providing them with STEM knowledge, skills, tools, and mentoring leveraging the power of Technology. Enabling women to enter STEM jobs & adapt the digital skills to whatever profession they are currently doing will provide a boost to the economy.

Connecting Africa. One country One state One woman One Girl at a time with #tech4her #STEEMDiva #Womenintech   

Our Tactics

  • ICT & Entrepreneurship Programs at Educational systems and Communities.
  • Creative funding for Women-led Startups.
  • Learning & Resource Centers for Women
  • STEM Development initiative for teens and youth

  OUR 2030 Project: 

We are building the first and largest Technology Institute  for Women in Africa called IOTWomen. We are building the largest Technology Academy For females in Africa. Equipped with computers, libraries, incubation hub and mentors.

Yes, We are investing in the next generation female science and tech leaders. Graduates from the Academy have access to internships, job placements, exchange programs in best companies across Africa and the world.


– GSC (GirlsSlayCode Academy)

– DBAWomen- Digital Business Academy For Women

– STEEMDiva (Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics) for middle school girls

– STEEM4Dev: Code Avengers, STEM For Schools, STEM For Teachers (include males)

– Her Code Network

– CodeCoffee

– IOTWomen

– Project 2030

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Contact Information Official Line: +2347059701187 Email: [email protected] ; [email protected] Website: www.tech4herafrica.com